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About Myself

Welcome to Yogalok.

Yoga has been part of my life since 30+ years as part of school curriculum. My Yoga practice continued after school, but I seriously got into it in 2007 when I came across a book “Light on Yoga” by Esteemed Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar. The book excellently describes the sequences of Yoga Practice on weekly basis.

To further enhance my Yoga practice,  in 2012, I came across another great book  by Swami Satyananda Saraswati of Bihar School of Yoga. These two books completed by search to improve and enhance my Yoga practice.

My Constant Yoga practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, balanced, peaceful, and fearless. Yoga helps me to live each moment mindfully. I am convinced that I am born for Yoga and my only purpose is to serve the the world population with Yoga.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and MBA by academic qualification and a Sales Professional with IT Industry since 2 decades. In 2017, I completed 500 Hours Advance Level Master Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Alliance International, New Delhi.

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. My goal is to help you attain complete balance in your life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. So that, you lead a meaningful life with full of energy and enthusiasm.

The PURPOSE of Yogalok is :

Yoga for Every individual  irrespective of age, colour, race, religions, regions, cultures, and financial & social status.

The MISSION of Yogalok is:

To inspire every individual to practice yoga and attain complete balance in their life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

The AIM of Yogalok is:

  • To help every individual in creating their health and fitness goals and customize Yoga programs to their needs.
  • To help every individual to relax and detox by conducting Yoga workshops.
  • To help every individual with counseling to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
  • To help every individual with correct yoga postures and understand the benefits and meaning of each posture. 

My Mantras of Life:

1. करो योग रहो निरोग (Practice Yoga stay Healthy)

2. करो प्राणायाम पाओ मानसिक आराम (Practice Pranayama attain Mental Peace)

3. करो ध्यान पाओ ज्ञान (Practice Meditation attain Knowledge)

4. करो जाप मिटाओ पाप (Practice Jaap destroy Sins)

5. खाओ कम मिटाओ ग़म (Eat Moderate Destroy Worries)

6. करो कर्म निभाओ धर्म (Perform Duties deliver Dharma)

Every word on this blog is my brain child, i.e., purely my personal thought, not intended to hurt/offend any individual or community or organization.

I would appreciate your open and frank suggestions, comments, opinions, views, criticisms, appreciation, queries, etc.

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Keep Yoging!!!

Happy Yoging!!!

10 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. Dear Sanjay, It is really an eye opener. Would suggest that we should share this thoughts in Open forum for more public to comprehend about this. Our politicians should read this and act on it so that we have a better country to live in with more equality and secularism which India is known for .

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  2. Happy Independence Day!

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  3. Nice.

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  4. Zyada Tension must le. Enjoy kar.

    Happy Independence Day!

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  5. Correct. throw some light of the meaning of financial yoga.

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  6. Hello Sanjay,
    I love your blog! I am nominating your blog for the Liebster award. For details, please link to my page at

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  7. Lovely. I’m so very excited to read more. I love yoga and I cannot express how excited I am to learn more about it. I have also been interested in world religions and India. I am not in a very diverse state and I must say the people I have met that are from India have been nothing less than genuine. The culture is beautiful.

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  8. Thanks Dahneshia, for your wonderful comments about India, its culture, religion and Yoga. I am sure, you will find my blog useful in many ways.

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  9. Hi Sandhya,

    Thanks for nominating my blog for Liebster award. As I am new to blogging, I have no idea how this award is useful for blogging. Any idea what happens to those who win this award?

    Please do share some information about this award.

    Sanjay Dhadwal


  10. Pleased to meet you. 🙂


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